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  Cutlass 27 Nr. ZA G572 Eintragungsdatum: 06.01.2017  269 mal angesehen 

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Allgemeine Daten:
Bootsname: Iskender
Bootstyp: Cutlass 27
Bau- / Segelnummer: ZA G572
Baujahr:  1974
Werft: Marcon UK
Konstrukteur: Alan F.Hill
Heimathafen:  Moenkeberg
Eigner: Volker Schmidt
Länge ü.A.: 8,30
Breite: 2,30
Tiefgang: 1,35
Verdrängung: 3 Tn
Segelfläche am Wind: 26 
Großsegel: 12
Genua: 18
Fock: 12 
Spinnacker: 48
sonstige Segel: Gennaker, Starkwindfock
Motor-Typ: Faryman K34M
Hersteller: Faryman
Leistung: 6 HP
Baujahr: 1989
Bootsbeschreibung / Ausrüstung / Besonderheiten:

UK Makler comment about this type of boat:

>>> Well, here’s another first for me. I must admit I had never come across the Cutlass 27 until yesterday, so I’ll stick to my first impressions and then tell you what the owners had to say.
A lovely classic looker and this boat is clean, tidy, polished up and looking in tip-top order. The hull shines, and is in the original gelcoat, which at 36 years old is quite astonishing. On going aboard I had to comment to the owners as to how shiny the deck and coachroof looked – lucky I did because they’d just spent ages swabbing and polishing!
Beautiful lines, really lovely, I could get quite emotional about this one! The cockpit feels safe and the varnish and finish are superb. I opened a locker...Good heavens! Clean, empty and freshly painted.
Being a long keeler, I expected the owner to say that she tracked as if she was on rails, and he did (we won’t mention how she behaves astern). He also told me that to tack he puts the helm down and she goes round on her own while he shifts the sheets, then straightens herself up and sets off before he gets back to the helm. 10 seconds he tells me. They once put in upwards of 15 tacks in Langstone harbour entrance just for the joy of it. The engine sulks, unused, in its compartment, looking brand new but saying “Me! Me! Pick me this time!” Sorry mate, it’ll be sails every time!
Down below she has the expected “little ship” feel, and to be blunt she could have just been built yesterday. If you want to be different, have some style, get noticed, envied, have strangers come up and comment on your beautiful little yacht, then I think you’d better come and have a look. This is as far from an “average white boat” as you can get.
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